State of the Realm: Q2 2019

2019 continues to be a monster year for Infinium Game Studio. I’m behind schedule—naturally!—but I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far, and even more eager to push forward with the next batches of things!

Check out the updated pipeline chart for a quick overview of where things stand.

Villainous Compendium

The Pathfinder edition peaked at #1 on RPGnow’s popularity list, and the 5E edition rose to #16 on DriveThruRPG. Those are both records for IGS products, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this book turned out. Pathfinder hardcopy fulfillment is underway, although unfortunately I’m still hunting down a bug in the massive 5E hardcover fulfillment order and will advise as to resolution ASAP.

Druid Enclave

It’s finally done! What was originally conceived of as a 200-300 page city-setting companion to Dark Obelisk 2 has become an 840-page behemoth of a sandbox, with deep ties into the DO2 mega-adventure.

The 840-page Pathfinder edition of the Adventure Book, the 200-page Players’ Guide, and the Atlas are all complete, and the first two are in review with the publisher. Publication (and the accompanying discount codes, for my Kickstarter backers!) will commence in early July.

5E edition is in process and should wrap up by the end of June, with publication in July.

Artifacts & Artifice: Volume 3

This is ready for layout once Druid Enclave is completed. Should proceed quickly once I’m in that state.

As of this writing, all artwork, NPC crunch, and general rules outlines are completed, save for one custom art commission that’s in process. Targeting a July completion and possibly publication as well.

Aquilae: Expanded Bestiary of the Realm

I’ve been working on a means of automating the layout, since there’s going to be so much of it, and after so long of a wait for these books, I want to make sure that I can accelerate the remaining work as much as possible. Still in prototyping but I’ll have more to update soon. This automation approach will greatly accelerate other crunch-related layouts like the Ultimate Character Compendium, Monsters of Aquilae, and Gauntlets & Gaslight. Depending on how much I can automate, I am targeting August for completion optimistically.

FlexTale Encounter Generator & FTEG Solo Adventuring Toolkit

Shortly, there should be a small update to the already-published FTEG, which will expand the FlexTables available slightly.

The true expansion of the FTEG into the long-awaited and much-expanded Version 2.0 is still set to occur alongside the development of the Western Realm Gazetteer as a critical component of that product.

Prior Lives

This will be our next Kickstarter. Originally added as a Stretch Goal back from the DO2 campaign, Prior Lives involves time-travel rules and complete, standalone, adventures featuring favorite NPCs from IGS books. Stay tuned!


Card Products

Card Products

Several projects (AA3, FlexAI) have suggested the use of cards as a gaming accessory.

I’ve prototyped these enough to validate the quality of options such as DriveThruCards. Have to figure out when makes the most sense to do layout and actually produce them, but for now, it’s good to know that it’s an option going forward!

GC Sample Tiles Collage 2 2019_06_20.jpg

Geomorphic Cartography

Lots of prototyping around this project… more information to come later in the year most likely!

State of the Realm: Q1 2019

2019 has already been enormous. I never ever get done everything that I want to, but I end up producing a great deal more than I had initially planned.

Check out the updated pipeline chart for a quick overview of where things stand.

Villainous Compendium

Layout took a lot longer than anticipated, but it’s all done! Hardcopy proofs are back from the publisher. Good news: They look phenomenal, and the Pathfinder edition ended up at a door-blocking 808 pages. Annoying news: unfortunately, the 5E edition had some graphical issues with the printing, so I need to reproduce the output and re-validate with the printer.

PDF fulfillment is complete. PDF and hardcopy publication pending very shortly—and remember, every Publication Day, I send discount codes to all existing backers, so keep your eyes peeled!

GM Map Overview Collage Ground Overview Center Smaller 2019_03_18.jpg

So much progress in so little time: mapping is completed. Over 150 maps in a little over two weeks—I’ll take that for a solid productivity measure!

The 318-page Atlas has been completed, and is with the printer to validate. PDF fulfillment of the Atlas is expected by April 1st—no fooling! :)

I’m targeting to complete the Adventure Book itself in April. Fingers crossed!

Aquilae: Expanded Bestiary of the Realm

1,600 monsters—that’s 6,400 complete statblocks—have been sitting on my computer for a few months now, eagerly awaiting that delicious time when I can devote full attention to layout. As I wait to wrap up Druid Enclave, the sole remaining item in the pipeline ahead of ABRE, I’ve been fleshing out the FlexAI concept and working through its implications for each monster.

Monsters of Aquilae

I’ve already completed 118 complete monsters—that’s nearly 500 complete statblocks, enough to fill an entire book. I have outlines ready to flesh out for more than 700 more, but with so much else in the pipeline, I’m holding off on much more of that ambition for the time being!

Gauntlets & Gaslight: Incarnae of Aquilae

More than 270 Incarnae have been outlined, but I’ve settled on a smaller list of about 110 to focus on. Once I’m able to focus fully on this, I’ll be able to determine how many of those will make it into the final Incarnae book.

Western Realm Gazetteer

We launched a mapping Point of Interest contest to cultivate backer feedback and thoughts, since I would like this in part to be fed by backer desires.

I’ve also sketched out all of the core Factions of the Western Realm: 87, all in all, with over 200 associated NPCs in leadership and membership positions.

I stand ready to attack the mapping on this with gusto as soon as the pipeline is wrapped up!


Happy New Year 2019 from IGS

2018 was a mammoth year for Infinium Game Studio, and 2019 is looking to top it in every way.

I’ve said all of this before, but I will repeat it, hopefully for a long time in the future:

I get to do what I most want to do, and most greatly enjoy, and I get to do it to the happiness of hundreds, and now thousands, of like-minded geeks.

Never for a moment do I forget that this is solely because of the generosity of my customers. Never do I lose sight of the commitments I’ve made to my backers, in exchange for the commitments they have made to me. Every day, I value the faith and confidence that has been placed in me, to continue to do what I feel I do best, and to continue to deliver what I most want to produce.

It is no exaggeration to reiterate that I spend every single spare minute on IGS work. Crunch, mapping, layout, writing content, designing, communicating, fulfilling orders, and more… it’s all absolutely vital, and rarely does any of it feel like work, because the results are so rewarding.

So, in short: thank you to all Kickstarter backers, traditional-purchase customers new and old, and those who are merely dropping by for a look to check us out!

DO2 FB Badge FINAL.jpg

2018 In review

The past year has been an absolute treasure trove of new products and content released. Here are some of the highlights from a very successful set of books!

Dark Obelisk 2: The Mondarian Elective

The single largest adventure of all time*, comprising nearly 1,500 pages all told, DO2 is a Hodor of a tome, with the core adventure book topping out at nearly 840 pages, the publisher’s maximum for a hardcover.

Check it out here.

* Correct me if I’m wrong, here, and I’ll gladly give you a freebie as a thank-you for checking my accuracy! :)

FlexTale Encounter Generator

Any DM/GM’s friend, the “FTEG” intends to make gamemastering easy with zero preparation, and to make existing adventures infinitely re-usable. Sets of smart “flextables” provide dynamic, level- and context-appropriate results for a diversity of encounter situations, including doors/locks, traps, monsters, and more.

Check it out here.

Artifacts & Artifice: Volumes 1 & 2

Much more than a mere list of magic items, these 400+ page books each unearth a wealth of content about each item, savoring the backstory, description, and adventure-hook opportunities. Each artifact uses IGS’ unique Quad-Statted approach, meaning that any item can be easily inserted into any campaign setting, with PCs of any level!

Check it out here.

Character Compendium 2

A huge compilation of hundreds of characters, their companions, followers, and familiars, CC2 is a mammoth resource of NPCs to drop into any campaign setting, or PCs to quick-start characters at any level.

Check it out here. (Pathfinder only)

ABR Greatwyrm Coming Soon Teaser.png

2019 plans

As successful as 2018 has been, 2019 aims to surpass it in every way. In total, it will see released the fulfillment of decades of planning and desire, all made possible by generous Kickstarter backers.

Villainous Compendium

Already content-complete, this aims to publish by 01-Feb-2019. Dozens of villains, each with henchmen, backstory, motivations, adventure hooks, rumors, and much more, this massive 700+ page book provides a trove of instantly-usable and largely sympathetic baddies to drop into any campaign setting with PCs of any level.

Target date Jan 2019.

Druid Enclave

At long last, the companion tome to Dark Obelisk 2, DE continues the tradition established with DO1 and Berinncorte Basecamp in establishing a richly-detailed city setting dripping in opportunity and danger for PCs of any level. Although it integrates with DO2 and takes place in the campaign setting of Aquilae, it is fully usable on its own.

Target date Feb 2019.

Aquilae: Bestiary of the Realm

The single largest and most ambitious bestiary ever conceived, and to date the single most mammoth effort ever undertaken by IGS staff, ABRE represents the fulfillment of an idea first established back in the days of AD&D’s Monstrous Compendium: What if a single encyclopedia-like set of tomes housed every monster, ever? Furthermore, what if each of those monsters was fully usable in any campaign setting, with PCs of any level? Finally, what if those monsters came with rules to dynamically dictate their actions in combat, with additional resources to intelligently integrate them into combat encounters?

Comprising some 1,500+ monsters and over 6,000 complete statblocks, ABRE is an entire bookshelf of 6 hardcover volumes.

Sporting innovative concepts like FlexAI and full integration with the FlexTale Encounter Generator, ABRE represents hundreds of hours of design and work, and will make GMing any game in any campaign setting more flexible and with a grand diversity of monsters.

Target date March 2019.

Incarnae of Aquilae

Unlocked as part of the ABRE campaign, and recently extended via its own Kickstarter, IOA seeks to introduce gothic horror steampunk resources to Pathfinder and 5E. At the core of these rules are Incarnae, golem/elementals that are the physical embodiments of abstract concepts.

Target date June 2019.

Monsters of Aquilae

ABRE is already a mammoth set of tomes and comprise a more complete set of monsters than one might ever wish for. MOA extends this to brand-new monsters and concepts, unique to the campaign setting of Aquilae. Partially drawing from already-published monsters, and extending that by many, many more, MOA describes a wealth of creature content usable not only in all future IGS adventure products, but instantly insertable into any campaign setting of your own.

Target date June 2019.

Western Realm Gazetteer

Just as ABRE is the most ambitious bestiary of all time, WRG may just be the most ambitious cartographical endeavor conceived. Comprising hundreds of detailed maps and over a thousand individual points of interest, the WRG is the first “realm book” which aims to describe the explosively-detailed and compelling campaign setting of Aquilae.

Target date May 2019.

FlexTale Encounter Generator 2.0 & FTEG Context Books

An essential companion to the WRG, and soon to be a beloved part of any GM’s toolbox, the FTEG 2.0 sees the true fulfillment of the FTEG’s vision: dynamic adventures, from start to finish, with absolutely zero preparation time. Roll dice, look on tables, and quickly determine everything from treasure to traps, from poisons to plots.

Just as useful are the FTEG Context Books: each a subset of the FTEG 2.0, tailored for a specific type of terrain and context.

To be released alongside the WRG.

FTEG Solo Adventuring Toolkit

A massively successful independent Kickstarter, originally unlocked as part of the WRG campaign, the FTEG SAT is a complete set of rules and resources which make it possible and easy to play 5E or Pathfinder alone… with rules extendable to virtually any rules system.

Target date June 2019.

Prior Lives & The Book of Time

First unlocked as a DO2 Stretch Goal, this project will explore the backstories of several prominent NPCs introduced in Dark Obelisk: Berinncorte.

In addition, the Book of Time will provide comprehensive time-travel adventure rules for any rules system, focusing on PFRPG and 5E.

Target date TBD.

Necrotic Realms

This expansive effort comprises several of the already-unlocked and announced adventure books, such as Dark Harbor, Library Vitae, Barrowton, Sin Furnace, Husks, Fissures, and Grim Tokens. It all begins with Dark Harbor, and its companion fiction novella.

First target date October 2019.

Dark Obelisk Moon Logo Small.jpg

2020 And Beyond

There’s more in store even just in 2019… but for those looking beyond that threshold, there’s tons to discover.

DO2 & BB Stretch Goal Unlocks

There’s a lot still to be firmly dated here! For those who have been extraordinarily patient with these, stay tuned; they’re definitely still on my radar with dozens of pages of notes already established for each book.

Geomorphic Cartography

This is the final piece in the dynamic-adventure puzzle that we’ve been working toward for—in some ways .

ABRE aims to provide infinite monsters. FTEG’s goal is to provide infinite encounters and adventures. WRG ties it all together in the context of a complete, over-arching adventure setting. FTEG SAT hopes to grant solo players the power to play all of it on their own.

Enter GC, an infinitely-reusable set of map tiles and setpieces that allow battlemap-level dynamicness for any adventure setting.

Aquilae Realm Books

There’s lots to be done here: the Eastern Realm Gazetteer, for starters, exploring the second half of the realm.