About Infinium Game Studios

Created in 2015, IGS is a tiny, indie roleplaying content creator with a passion matched only by our ambition. 

We strive to create world-class, immersive gaming products for use in Pathfinder and 5E.


Kickstarter Projects

IGS products are crowdfunded, and to some extent, crowdsourced via creative input and feedback.

Check out our history of successful projects, and keep on the lookout for new efforts as they arise!

Product Pipeline

Having a pipeline of efforts underway allows us to plan more successfully.  Creativity strikes whenever and wherever; having lots of balls in the air helps us juggle these creative impulses and ensure that each product becomes everything we can make it.

It also allows this small, virtually-one-man-company to coordinate more effectively with artists and other commissioned contributors, whose efforts tend to require a great deal of lead time.

Feedback & Recommendations

Most feedback we've received has been excitement at the completeness of vision and thoroughness of our ambition.  It helps to put each individual project in the greater context of our dreams.

There are certainly some backers who disagree with our "pipeline" approach to this work.  We respect that; it's certainly unusual. 

For those who are particularly time-sensitive to fulfillment, we encourage you to back at the "Lurker" level... stay up to date and included in updates, but don't commit if you're not comfortable.  We'd rather miss out on the extra contribution to the cause, than have you be disappointed.


Pipeline Discount Policy

If you back a project, X, and completion of an earlier-committed project, Y, causes a delay with your backed project X, you get a discount on project Y as a thank-you for your patience.

About Project Estimates

We work literally every single spare moment we can toward completing our enormous ambition of projects, and striving to make them world-class in quality and content.  

But as a one-man shop with three young children and a full-time day job, our ability to estimate completion targets is not always the best.  Dates on all Kickstarters should be viewed as guesses: educated ones, and our best, honest assessment of when we feel we can complete the job.  But they are, in the end, just guesses.

Having lots of balls in the air in no way changes our priorities: what we committed to first, we will complete first. 


Freebie policy

All backers of all IGS products will receive automatic freebies as products are published.

Specifically, you will receive, at minimum, Players' Guides to all published adventures, settings, and other products.

Free PDFs with Hardcopies

Anyone entitled to a hardcopy version of any IGS product automatically receives the PDF and electronic versions for free.  This goes for Kickstarter backers as well as those who purchase on RPGnow.

Stretch Goal Freebies

In addition, starting with Prior Lives, all backers who are entitled to a product that becomes its own Kickstarter are automatically entitled to ALL digital rewards associated with that project.  So, for example, Stretch Goals.