Artifacts & Artifice

Campaign Resource BookS

Two expansive volumes, each one covering several dozen magical artifacts of immense power and versatility.

Intended as a valuable resource for all RPG players and game/dungeon masters, AA is far, far more than a simple list of magic items.  AA strives to make each item unique, with extensive etymology, backstory, context, and hooks.

Specifically, each and every artifact receives the following detail:

  • Full profiles and construction requirements for 4 magic items corresponding to a range of Variable Difficulties.

  • 4 NPCs, each fully stat-blocked and scaling to Variable Difficulties.

  • History, description, appearance, and other "fluff" for flavor.

  • Over a half-dozen hooks for integrating the weapon into your campaign.

  • Handfuls of Rumors & Lore with full FlexTable rules for dynamically integrating the rumors into your campaign.

  • One or more Quests ready to run in any campaign setting, incorporating the magic item.

  • Handfuls of Quest Seeds to give GMs with more prep time inspiration.