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Latest Kickstarter: Aquilae: Bestiary of the Realm for Pathfinder Second Edition!

Creating Immersive Roleplaying Worlds

Indie roleplaying game content with an emphasis on immersive, comprehensive, and realistic storytelling.  

Kickstarter-funded, partially-crowdsourced mega-adventures and sourcebooks for Pathfinder RPG and Fifth Edition/5E.

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Dark Obelisk 1

Dark Obelisk: Berinncorte is a massive, urban sandbox adventure that begins an ambitious and epic Adventure Path.

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Dark Obelisk 2

The Druid Enclave has lost contact with the mining city of Mondaria. Upon arriving, the party finds a nearly-vacant city, torn apart by some unseen violence. Things look bleak and mysterious, and the PCs venture down into the dark murk of the mines to uncover the secret...

Upcoming Projects

Some inkling of what the future holds for IGS: over a dozen books unlocked via Kickstarter stretch goals, plus many future projects with a long-term goal of exploring an enormous roleplaying game universe.