Aquilae: Pantheon & Tribute

Campaign Setting Supplement

This book explores the various gods, religions, sects, and strife to be found across the Realm of Aquilae.

Each of several dozen deities is profiled in full, with history, description, sigil/iconography, items, spells and equipment, prestige classes, character archetypes, and more.  Each Faction also contains several NPCs, representing leadership, average members, ranks and order--and of course these NPCs are listed in Quadded Statblocks to support a wide range of difficulties for any adventuring group.

Finally, each Faction has Quests and Settings, richly-detailed maps and encounters that may be inserted into any adventure that takes place in the Campaign Setting of Aquilae.

A massive, hardcover tome, this is expected to weigh in at 500 pages or more.