FlexTale Encounter Generator

Game Master's Resource

This is a separate tool for the GM to instantly create dynamic and versatile side-quests on the fly, for when the party is adventuring across the countryside.

For those familiar with the Borderland Provinces products from Frog God Games, the intent here is similar to the Journey Generator in that line... but supporting the full range of dynamic capabilities that the FlexTale concept makes possible. 

The current version published in 2018 is a General-Purpose iteration, intended primarily as a required supplement to using the Dark Obelisk 2 adventure.  It will continue to grow and evolve toward its intended purpose,.

Most notably, in parallel with the eventual release of the Western Realm Gazetteer, the FTEG will gain more than a dozen Terrain Context books, each one covering the tools of the FTEG in the context of a specific terrain, such as Forests, Urban, and Desert.